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An important factor in any purebred bred is rescue.  These are hounds, due to many circumstances, end up in shelters or are turned over to Afghan Hound Rescue people. Many sad cases have been turned over to rescue, some severely abused, underweight, unhealthy poor souls. 

Rescue people are a dedicated bunch of people who work day and night for the welfare of these unfortunate souls. If an Afghan Hound is found to be in a shelter, Afghan Hound Rescue will purchase the hound taking them into their own homes or have a foster home until the hound is suitable for adoption. The same is true with all rescues no matter how the hound ended up in rescue. When a hound is rescued, they are taken to a veterinarian and given immediate care, are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and are microchipped.

Donations are gladly accepted. Many of us in rescue use our own funds for food and much of the medical. However, whether it is a case of paying for shelter costs or extensive medical treatment is needed, our National Afghan Rescue is there to help. Please contact Afghan Hound Rescue,  Lisa Bryant our Parent Club Rescue Chairperson at or visit the Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue website for more information.

This sweet girl was found traveling alone on a highway in Tillamook, Oregon. She has a forever home with her Greyhound companion.             


This sweet 10 year old is not technically a rescue, she is a return to owner due to her last owner unable to care for her due to cancer. Her name is Merry.      

Donnie came to me in the summer of 1998. Donnie was 10 years old at the time. She had been abused by an owners boyfriend so her trust in men was not great. She also had been found to have mammary cancer, found when she was being spayed. The day she came through my door, she was here to stay...and Donnie knew it. She found her place on the couch, bed, and into my very soul. She lived two wonderful years with me. During the summer she would lay out in the sun. Winter bringing the cold she would warm her old bones next to the woodstove. She was a treasure, an absolute joy.  I miss you Donnie.

Char came to me in January 2002. She was rescued by Karen Hanka in Seattle and sent down to me to be her foster mom. She was turned over by her owner to a no kill shelter that finds homes for dogs and cats. Little is known on her background. Char is a lucky one, it did not appear she was abused. Shortly after Karen rescued her she was spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. When she came down to me, I took her to my veterinarian where her teeth were cleaned, more lab work and a clean bill of health prior to adoption. She lived with me about 6 weeks prior to finding a fabulous home and is living happily ever after. She lives a life of luxury with a huge fenced back yard complete with a deck where she can survey her domain, has the run of the house and has her humans twisted around her paws! She loves the 2 kitties and the shiny blue drapes. This is Char:

Char with Santa December 2004

Char is the darling of the obedience class. When Mommy Kathy asks, "Who's cute? Raise your hand" Char waves to the crowd! Is she the cutest or what???


Taken September 2008. She is such a little darling!


August 2003

Madison was an owner return to breeder. She was returned grossly overweight and matted to the skin. I don't think I've ever seen a 125 lb Afghan Hound!


 Her breeder put her on a diet, added some exercise and placed her in a home made in heaven. Thank you Angela and Michael Barrett for giving this very special lady a truly special home.


Madison has a wonderful place to play and run in beautiful Florence, Oregon. Florence is on the Oregon coast so she also gets to romp on the sandy beach.


Lady Madison still has not lost her cravings for food as she really puts on her dramatic face showing how very starved she is!


Angela & Madison came to visit. What a pretty picture. Madison is one happy girl...Angie's love for this girl glows. Angela? You're wearing clothes to match Madison!

Sadly, Madison crossed over to Rainbow Bridge in 2006. This wonderful girl holds a special place in all of our hearts, especially Angela & Mike's. Blessings.....


 This young lady was another owner return. She now lives in Portland, Oregon safe, happy and in a loving home.

In August 2008, this young man was picked up in Albany, Oregon. It took two weeks to catch him. We found his original owners who said he got loose and had been missing for three months. The owners were unable to care for him so they turned him over to rescue. He now has a forever home with loving and doting human parents.